Leticia Nava


Meet Letty

Letty has been on the creative side from her earliest memory. Her artistry has always played a part in her life, from making crafts with her husband, decorating cookies every holiday with the family, making her daughters dresses when she was younger, and now making jewelry and paintings. Letty never turns down a challenge when it involves creativity. It's when she is creating that she is able to express herself most and spread a little bit of happiness with her work.

Letty & Art

Letty is a self-taught artist who began her journey by creating wooden crafts with her husband. As her children grew up, she stayed involved with them by leading their art docent program at school, where she had the opportunity to explore her artistic side. This led Letty on the path of teaching art at Hutchins Street Square, and taking art classes to expand her knowledge. She now offers several classes and hosts parties where she is able to share her love of art with others.

Letty & Jewelry

Letty has perfected her talent in the craft of making jewelry and has taught her daughter, Stephanie. Side by side, they create new looks, critique, and fall in love with new designs. Nava & Co. has created many one-of-a-kind designs, focusing on quality and maintaining their unique look.  If you don't find exactly what you are looking for, custom orders are available!

Custom Jewelry